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 Novel Sample Pages (All Rights Reserved) ( Copyright 2019)


There are significant moments in everyone's life that deserve to be captured, and I am passionate about capturing those moments through my series of graphic novels and comic strips.

I began to weave my way through a creative process of producing a compelling rendition of my thoughts and feelings about situations in life as I know it. During this process the creation and development of characters to personify my reactions to a variety of situations began to form.

Inspired by a particular situation that was so one sided in its logic and common sense, then to have the opposite become reality prompted me to give a name to a cartoon bull called “Realize”. The political and urban reality of the reasons for having or not having a hand gun sparked the breath of life into “The last gun”. My work with some strong female correction officers and affinity to crime against the oppressed lead to the vigilante heroine named “Lacy”. A situation with emotional introversion and empathy with female friends and family about their constrictive lives inspired the “Lady inside the Bubble”. The desire to help others work their way through some domestic situations and reduce the risk of dire consequences is where the “Sad Clown” was born. “Zoomstar for instance was the abstract vision about a simple celestial character that was influenced by pharmaceutical inspired thoughts. On a lighter note the kid like character called “Popopo” has a humorous innocence that came from my satirical and naive observations while people watching.

The basics for coming up with characters came from personal insight, and the inspiration for combining them into a fluid comprehensive book idea that was different from usual formats seemed natural as well. Understanding that the combination of these characters in a unified story was a way to use them to express myself and keep them in one contiguous story line. Of course the format has to be in a congruent and expressive in its artistic mode. I feel that the predominance of black and white images with an effective use of color for the word balloons and selected panels help to create a distinct visual experience.

I believe the story and the characters are genuine and represent a serious and unique artistic vision. I am confident that I have spent my educational and inspirational resources in a competent and professional manner. This book is a culmination of a process during my life and the related lives of many other people. The Popadelic mission is to provoke the reader into a reaction, or consider fractions of the cycle of life as a human being in this atmosphere.

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